ABB ensures reliable continuous – running dishwashers

Low voltage products protect equipment from overload and failure.

A mountain of used beer mugs and plates accumulate every year at the world’s largest festival, the Oktoberfest in Munich. The challenge is not only to wash up the crockery quickly; it must also be hygienic and absolutely clean. To meet this demand, the dishwashers at the festival need to run at maximum performance, practically around the clock, without any failures which could interrupt the catering service.

The majority of Oktoberfest landlords place their faith in the commercial dishwashing systems from international manufacturer Winterhalter. The company uses low voltage products from ABB in its STF Bavaria rack conveyor dishwasher. They protect the machines from overloads and short circuits, thereby ensuring efficient continuous operation. With their compact design, the components offer maximum flexibility in the design and construction of the dishwashing systems.

Dishwashing systems from a single supplier
• Winterhalter supplies a complete system of dishwashing machines, water treatment equipment and racks, all of which are extremely cost effective and user-friendly.
• The range ABB offers to ensure the smooth running of Winterhalter
dishwashers and includes the following components:
• System pro M compact S 200 miniature circuit breakers according to IEC/EN 60898 and IEC/EN 60947-2
• B7 mini contactors with a rated operating power of AC-3 5.5 kW at 400 V
• AF16 contactors with a rated operating power of AC-3 7.5 kW at 400 V
• Fast and flexible maintenance service

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80 percent less energy consumption
• The strengths of the B7 mini contactors and the AF16 contactors, which are used to switch electrical heating elements in the dishwashing systems, include their energy efficiency. These components mean that the electronically controlled coil in the AF range uses up to 80 percent less energy than conventional alternatives ideally suiting Winter halter’s energy saving ambitions. ABB’s miniature circuit breaker, System pro M compact S 200, protects the equipment from overloads and short-circuits. This ensures the reliable and continuous operation of equipment at big events like Oktoberfest. Using switch components from ABB, the STF Bavaria cleans up to 2,800 beer mugs an hour, rinsing them with cold water so that they are ready for re-use immediately after washing.

Dated: August 17th 2015

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