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Amiraj Engineering College Programs
Mechanical Engineering Programs

Engineering College Programs

At ACET you’ll learn from well recognized faculty who are leaders in their fields. They don’t just impart knowledge; they create it and provide opportunities for you to work with them in pursuit of academic excellence. With these inspired thinkers as your guides, you’ll be motivated to engage your mind and explore new ideas. Achieve your goals and experience an atmosphere steeped in tradition and committed to academic excellence. Students at ACET experience an education through a global perspective, while undergoing an enriching spiritual voyage, all at a great value.

ACET professors understand the needs of individual students and are ready to help them tackle the issues affecting their community and the world. Our students enjoy a diversified curriculum as approved by Gujarat Technological University (GTU) and AICTE.

No. Engineering Stream
1. Mechanical Engineering
2. Electrical Engineering
3. Civil Engineering
4. Computer Engineering

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