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SBE Testimonials

“My experience being a part of SBE workshops has been great. SBE is the bridge which connects our education with the life outside and the people we deal with. Through it’s minor exercise sessions, it promotes an individual’s hidden talent and Amiraj has done it a great way!”

Jimil Patel


“SBE plays most important role in our career and life, It teaches what to wear how to speak , how to behave during interview. Which is very essential things which no book can teach us.
SBE should be conducted twice a month as it improves all aspects of personality.”

Honey Patel


Full of Knowledge !
Teaches us many things !
Builds our personality !”

Ridhdhi Vora


“Increases our confidence !
Built our personality !
Helpful !
Over all best !”

  Bhavika Ramchandani


“It was one of the best lecture series I have attended in my life. The lectures were based knowledge and fun both. As we did practical activities for learning which was amazing compared to boring theory lectures.”

Mohit Agrawal


“SBE workshop was held by SBE Mentors.
This lectures help us to increase our skills like listening, anger management , communication, present yourself with rocking personality and smart formal dressing @ different places like industry, interview and college .
Thanks to college management and all for giving us a chance to be a part of these personality makeover lectures.”

Sharma Mohit


“Science beyond engineering workshop was conducted in English totally which is good for every student . it was conducted in such a manner that one understood the concept very clearly.
Mentors was excellent during their presentation we become happy with kind of workshop .
Listening session was introduce in workshop which was very liked by me. Other than that many more sessions were taken like anger management , power communication etc. Finally overall it was excellent and I enjoyed a lot.”

Zala Vishwaraj


“I experience a very awesome in SBE workshop . Sir teaches us personality development and we like how sir taught us and explain everything with perfect example. So this is my experience in SBE workshop.”

Parth Thakkar


“I had a great experience in SBE as it improves communication speech and general knowledge.”

Kajal Barad


“SBE helps me to build up my confidence level. Due to workshop my vocabulary and communication skill is improved also stage fear has been reduced.”

Aayushi Patel


“I have great experience in SBE and got a good skill and knowledge. All the fear has been reduced .
SBE is the great.”

Harsh Patil


“SBE workshop helps us to develop our communication skills, our IQ level, development of our personality also encourage and motivate us to speak in front of audience. It also conquer our stage fear”

Anika Jamval


“Really nice experience to attend SBE. I really feel enjoying and lots of fun in workshop. Such a great and fabulous experience.”



“SBE workshops are very good and awesome . It helps us to improve English and communication we are waiting lot more such kind of workshops in coming time.”

Het Shah


“I love to attend SBE workshops”

Shukla Marmik


“The SBE workshop has improved my speech , my confidence and my stage fear has gone. The activities hear are very interesting and improved my vocabulary and developed me for the interview skills.”

Janvi Thakkar


“Fantastic and Nice experience !!!
I learnt many new things from SBE workshops which helps us in future. “

Gaurav Singh