Indian Economy has gone through a series of booms and depressions in the past few decades and the famous story of India a developing Economy and not a developed economy continues. Some succeed because they are destined to but some succeed because they are determined to and onesignificant winningformula that has never changed about India is “Engineering”.It’s likethe law of Increasing Marginal Utility, The more I see you,the more I want to see the more of you (that’s inspite of other career avenues in commerce and humanities picking up).Since ages in India, You ask a parent his opinion about what his son/ daughter should do?. The most popular answer will be Engineering. This mindset that has prevailed in our country for more than 50 decades now, has made India an Engineering hub in the world, No wonder we are leading the way, whereOn an average 1.5 million engineers pass out from India every year, much more than US and China put together (so if China is spreading its products worldwide, we are spreading our Engineers). On a world stage India today can astonishingly boast of over 3400 Engineering colleges( with around 700 colleges in Andra Pradesh alone, as per 2014-15) a bamboozling 125% growth rate in Engineering in the last five years and this number keeps on growing as the Indian parenting mindset of Engineering superiority continues.” If world Engineering is a cake then India is having the biggest piece and it keeps on getting bigger and bigger.
It’s a proud feeling that we to belong to a country that is spearheading Engineering population in the world and making everyone realize that here is the magician called Science and a trick called Engineering and we are leading the way. That’s the great side of our story but here is the flip side. Out of 1.5 million engineers who pass out in India every year, 20-25 percent are unable to fetch any kind of job, around 70 percent do not get the right kind of Job. When it comes to employment of Engineers, the situation gets as confusing as a baby in the topless bar with more than 50 percent Engineers pursuing Management Education (which was 80 percent in the past) not because they wanted to but majorly because they have no option, it’s almost like, if you are weak you also know it!. For years we have been debating about whether it’s because of unemployment or job crisis in India. Former Indian Presidentlate Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, very clearly stated that it’s not the problem of unemployment but it’s the problem of lack of skill sets, that currently the industry requires from youth but unfortunately the engineers in our country are lacking because Engineering Education is only focusing on Engineering knowledge. what we have failed to understand is that, today the world is about Science Beyond Engineering which is about a 360 degree Personality and not only an Engineering Mindset. Engineering exposure is technically enriching but its miles away from quality exposure to communication skills, Team building skills, managerial skills, Entrepreneurial skills, Leadership skills, which the industry across the globe is requiring heavily. Jack Welch (Former CEO General Electrical) once said – “see realities as they are and not as you want them to be’’.The reality is, forget about Engineering be it any educational background,in order to script your own success today in the industry, it requires a completely smart personality and not only qualification or scores on paper.

AMIRAJ COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY pioneer’s Science Beyond Engineering :-

It’s about integrating the knowledge of engineering with the skill sets which form the very essence of corporate success thus completely transforming the youth of this country into a 360 degree inspirational personality, which is a combination of
1) Positive attitude
2) Clarity of vision
3) Conviction in communication ( English)
4) Marketing skills
5) Managerial skills
6) Entrepreneurial skills
7) Leadership skills
8) Team building skills
9) Analytical skills
10) Learning skills

What India requires today is not only youth who is qualified but who is well educated, has entrepreneurial vision, managerial qualities, multiple faceted personality and conviction in communication. Focus and exposure on all the above mentioned aspects will completely change the output from engineering education and with that we will be able to overcome self employment as well as unemployability obstacles in our country. Soit’s imperative for the entire fraternity to not only provide engineering education to the budding engineer’s but polish them for all the above mentioned aspects of SCIENCE BEYOND ENGINEERING (10) and make them completely independent personalities, who can chase their dreams to conquer the world. Amiraj completely understands it, believes in it, pioneersit,is executing it and contributing to the change too.Science beyond Engineering is the revolution that engineering education in Gujarat is going through and now it’s spreading like a virus across the length and breadth of engineering fraternity.
( Keep a track of Amiraj research and Development Articles updation. The next article on science beyond Engineering will be about significance of every aspect of Science Beyond Engineering).