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Dextra – The Amiraj Techfest
Indoor Game

Table Tennis

Good serves and better grounds, players may win a set and lose the match but boys and girls cherish playing this ‘quick response’ sport at Amiraj with the eminent Table Tennis equipments.


This indoor sport is the one where girls and boys participate in huge number and win; sometimes giving a quick Check-mate; sometimes just turning the match around with a single witty move.


Students rush in to participate for this very entertaining sport. Girls and boys compete in high numbers to win the tournament. Amiraj has gem of players who compete at state level tournaments for the game.

Arm Wrestling

Girls and boys, yes girls too, bring in their aggression and compete for this event with full energy as much as for any other sport.


Students come in for the participation in a team of two and with the flick of a finger; they aim to conquer the ‘Queen with its Cover’.


Competitors, targeting high and accurate, flow in for the participation in this very stylish game of dart which has become an amusing part of the indoor sports at Amiraj.

Pool Table

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