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Recreational Activities of Engineering College
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Only studies and no fun is not what Amiraj gives. Amiraj is an energetic campus, where students can indulge themselves in different activities and get an opportunity for all round development. Under ‘Students’ Development Program’, out of the 24 listed clubs, students can join any of the clubs of their interest and cultivate their hobbies. Be it music, GoGreen, Creative writing, Athletics, indoor sports anything, you name it, Amiraj provides it! TechFests, Cultural festival: ‘Evoke’, Sports week, other festivals are celebrated with all the energy.


The popular Indian sport can simply not be eliminated from the list. At Amiraj, each department has on an average 2 – 3 cricket teams. These teams compete at inter – departmental levels to win the annual ACET Cricket trophy.


With the ball soaring, the footballers of Amiraj compete with verve, even for the ‘yet-not-so-very-common’ sport. The ‘Amiraj Football Team’ of 11 players competes at the university level.


Nothing can be more fun than to spectate a cut throat match of Kabaddi being played between the state level Kabadi players of Amiraj with all the spirit and crowd cheering around.


This indoor sport is the one where girls and boys participate in huge number and win; sometimes giving a quick Check-mate; sometimes just turning the match around with a single witty move.

Volley Ball

Amiraj has the finest boys’ volley ball team, competing at the university level at top tier. One can surely see ball swinging smoothly about the net during any of the matches played.

Table Tennis

Good serves and better grounds, players may win a set and lose the match but boys and girls cherish playing this ‘quick response’ sport at Amiraj with the eminent Table Tennis equipments.


Students rush in to participate for this very entertaining sport. Girls and boys compete in high numbers to win the tournament. Amiraj has gem of players who compete at state level tournaments for the game.

Short Put

Athletes strike a pose of their strengths for throwing the shots of 3 KG and 8 KG.

Arm Wrestling

Girls and boys, yes girls too, bring in their aggression and compete for this event with full energy as much as for any other sport.

Tug of War

A highly cheered and enthusiastic inter departmental match of Rassa Kashi, wherein the students of department team-up, gather their strength and put in all the efforts to win.


In spite of the high tech campus facility, this traditional Indian tag sport is an event embraced joyously at the sports tournament.


Students come in for the participation in a team of two and with the flick of a finger; they aim to conquer the ‘Queen with its Cover’.


Competitors, targeting high and accurate, flow in for the participation in this very stylish game of dart which has become an amusing part of the indoor sports at Amiraj.

High Jump

Athletics, the mother of all the games, has occupied a major place in the Amiraj sports tournament. Athletes’ flaunt their perseverance by participating in this field game.

Long Jump

The excellent athletes’ of Amiraj assemble their speed, strength and swiftness and leap magnificently as far as 4.6 m from the takeoff point.


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