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Amiraj College Cricket Team
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Amiraj College Kho Kho Team

In our magical journey towards accomplishing our vision of Excellence in Engineering with Excellence in Personality, Amiraj College of Engineering and Technology creates a multifaceted platform, for all its budding Engineers. The institution strikes the right balance between academics and sports, as it totally understands that sports in itself is a great teacher.The youth learns the art of positive attitude, discipline, goal setting, self-motivation, teamwork and resilience from sports. Therefore for the balanced all round development of all our budding engineer’s, as per GTU parameters, we have created talented, well trained and sponsored teams for the below mentioned sports. Students who are a part of these teams will represent Amiraj College in all the formal tournaments organized by GTU, colleges, universitites, states and zones. The college has provided a great opportunity for all its students to step up and showcase their talent on sports rich platforms.

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