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Dextra – The Amiraj Techfest


Dr. Shashi B. Tandon
Mr. Krishna Kshatriya
MR. Harin Prajapati
Ms. Shweta Joshi

Events @ Amiraj provides an excellent platforms for the students of Amiraj and other colleges to showcase their talents and skills in various fields (Tech & Non Tech). Participations in events helps the youth in building confidence, facing audience, getting competitive, experiencing team work, handling pressure and learning event management. Apart from 360 degree student development events also forms a very strong bond between faculties/students/corporate/others.

Mr. Nutan Patel
Mrs. Foram Patel
Ms. Amisha Parkar
Mr. Ketan Chavda




Events Testimonials

“This event is full of enthusiasm and lots of technical and nontechnical games. This kind of event gathers all students together and it represents hidden talent of students. We enjoyed a lot in this type of event.”



“Speed is the most energetic event which shows the dedication of students towards their departments. Speed teaches sportsman spirit, enthusiasm and dedication. Victory in games inspires to win more game next time and losses teach for more practice.”



“Kites @ skies is the most joyful event. “

Kajal Barad


“Yeh ! I love each and every event in AMIRAJ. Because of lots of fun, excitements and many more !! Why don’t you all join and try !! “

Shivani Patel


“Speaking as a participant of all events in AMIRAJ, fantastic events and it also develops our skills and makes us more confident.”

Jhanvi Oza


“Amiraj Events has changed everything in me…I am more confident now towards the challenges and difficulties of life.”

Aesha Vyas


“Event is like ..
Software message – indicating that something is going to happen On mouse click !!!”
“In my college all events like sports, kite festival, Annual function and Dextra are good ,very interesting and enjoyable events ”

Patel Prerna


“It was a very valuable experience, during bridge course and the whole semester we were full of enthusiasm and excitement. It was very fun doing all sorts of activities. I thank my AMIRAJ college for arranging it.”

Mohit Agrawal


“As a part of my AMIRAJ Event and festivals I realized that I had a hidden talent of dance and make other Dance too !!”
“By the practice and continuous encouragement from mentors and faculties I become capable to bring talent out from other students like me too who have stage fear at the first stage.”
“Honestly due to these events, the talent developed in me has given me the right way to get success with true happiness.”

Siddhraj Parmar


“This event is full of enthusiasm and lots of technical and nontechnical games.”
“This kind of event gathers all students of different instates and departments together and it represents hidden talent of students. We enjoyed a lot in this type of events.”

Mansi Patel


“It’s a nice event which help us perform and show one’s talent on stage.”
“Due to its freedom of performing in event like dancing, singing, acting and /or to play any instrument it helps to showcasing ones talent.”


“It provides an inter college competition in specific department .”


“When it comes to Kite @ Skies and flying kites all we think about is kite fighting and when that fighting is done with friends that too on same ground dancing with DJ, it increases the excitement and it also increases when the winner is awarded with one day picnic.”

Ishit Patel


“I enjoyed all events organized by our college because in every different events like kite fest, Evoke, Speed, Dextra and such other events in which the management system is quite good and helps in showcasing various talents of every students . The prize and award system is also quite nice and it appreciate a lot.”

Pansuriya Mansi


“Amiraj Events”

“Each and every event organized by my college AMIRAJ give us the chance to showcase our skill and talent.”

# EVOKE is the most enjoyable and lovable event where the true talent of the students is showcased. Apart from studies this event helped many student to overcome their stage fear.”

# SPEED this particular event is the most awaited event for every student every year. The event which improves our physical and mental skills . During these days the college has its own energy level.”

# DEXTRA The Technical fest of our college is unique in its own.”

“The technical to the nontechnical all events are supppeeerrr innovative and are fun.”

“The prizes of various events are the reason which inspire us to improve our logical and technical skills”

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Dhaval Trivedi


“Talking about different events in Amiraj which includes the sports fest, cult fest and the tech fest- These events are something which makes memories apart from education. It develops a sense of creativity, sportsmanship and me being a part of it feels great! It is the truest example of fun with education…”

Patel Jimil


“All the events are very good and very exciting , But in days there should be some changes in days to have more fun.”

Priyanshi Amin

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